African Persa


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Product InformAtion:

  • Name: African Persa
  • Stone Types: Granite
  • Countertop Size: 108×26
  • Backsplash Size: Matching 6 inch high backsplash
  • Edge Detail: 1 1/4 inch laminated full bullnose on one long side


Stone Disclaimer
Travertine, Marble, Slate, Limestone, and Granite are products of nature and hence are susceptible to pits, cracks, and color variation. No two pieces of natural stones are alike. These characteristics are not material flaws but signature of authenticity. You must inspect the material prior to installation to check the sizing, thickness, color, veining or any other irregularity and prepare any blending required to meet the property owner’s approval. Absolutely no claims will be accepted for any reason after installation.