Natural stone types differ in both aesthetic and functional properties. In terms of visual differences, each stone type displays their own unique characteristics that separate them from the others. For example, marbles tend to have highly detailed, prominent veins as opposed to limestones, which are known for their fossil details. However, due to the expansive variety in stones, it is not unusual that some stones may share similar characteristics as others within a different stone type. Aside from visual differences, stones will vary in function as well. Certain stones are more sensitive or porous than others. For example, marbles are considered one of the most delicate stones, while granites offer significantly more durability, making them ideal for spaces that experience considerable traffic. Due to these differences, it is important to consult an expert who can assist you with selecting the perfect material for your specifications.

For natural stones that offer high durability and, therefore, relatively low maintenance, we recommend granites, quartzites, or soapstones. These stones are resistant to stains, scratches, and heat as opposed to other stone types. However, because natural stones are a product of nature, regardless of how durable a certain type is relative to others, they are all susceptible to wear over time. This is not a flaw but rather a sign of authenticity. Consistent care and maintenance will improve the longevity of natural stones. For the most durability and least maintenance, however, porcelain is ideal. Porcelain is not a natural stone but rather a man-made material. Many porcelain solutions we carry provide aesthetics very close to that of natural stones, and their resilient properties make them the ideal choice for spaces that see heavy traffic or are exposed to the elements, such as kitchens, floors, and outdoor areas. If you are prioritizing greater peace of mind, we recommend porcelain.

Infinity surfaces are large-size porcelain slabs that offer high durability and versatility. It is a man-made surface created using premium raw materials and a highly specialized manufacturing process. Infinity slabs are available in wide range of colors, from highly detailed marble to simpler, minimal looks, offering plenty of options to complement your unique design. They are extremely resilient compared to natural stones, offering protection against heat, cold, scratches, and stains. Due to their durability, they require low maintenance. Infinity slabs can satisfy virtually any specification and arrive in various finishes and thicknesses. They are suitable for countertops in any space, flooring, and wall claddings and facades. Infinity surfaces provide a sustainable ventilation system, an added benefit of installing it on buildings and architectures. Select slabs also offer Natura-Vein Tech, a revolutionary technology that sees veins passing through the full thickness of the slab, an effect normally found in natural marble slabs. This technology gives Infinity slabs an additional aesthetic advantage when installing it on countertops.

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