The Beverly Hilton, Los Angeles


Located near the border of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles lies one of its most historically significant landmarks, the Beverly Hilton. Since opening its doors in 1955, the Beverly Hilton has seen its fair share of Hollywood’s top stars and the city’s most prestigious denizens. More than just a lodging establishment, the Beverly Hilton has been the primary host of the Golden Globe Awards since 1961, not to mention the countless other upscale events and ceremonies that have taken place within its walls. As such, the Beverly Hilton has become synonymous with the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

Constructed during the early years of Mid-century Modernism, the Beverly Hilton’s original architecture embraced the motifs of this stylistic movement. Its design saw the marriage of functionality and aesthetic, focusing on simpler geometric structures and the use of contemporary materials such as marble. Under the direction of the original architects, the building’s design expressed the warmth and personality of an Italian villa set in a sunken garden. The details of the hotel were very much a reflection of its era and environment, the mid-1900s boom of film stardom with Beverly Hills as the epitome of extravagance.

The Beverly Hilton has undergone several renovations of varying scales and transitions in management over the years, always adapting to the ever-changing landscape that is the architecture industry. When renovating this piece of Hollywood history, it was of the utmost importance to keep the classic spirit of the original design. The balancing game of adhering to an aesthetic decades old and incorporating contemporary themes was accomplished, in part, through the application of Infinity’s large-format porcelain slabs. Expertly fabricated and meticulously installed, Infinity’s Nero Marquinia and Calacatta Oro perfectly capture the essence of the Hollywood Regency style.

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